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SMS Marketing

Communicate directly with Target in a Low Cost way.

We present 3 tailor-made solutions:


SIPEE – What is it?

SIPEE sms is a computer program designed and developed in partnership between Escola E. B. 2,3 Dr. José Neves Júnior, in Faro and the company Ideias Frescas. The main use of this program is to contribute to the fight against absenteeism and indiscipline in schools, by sending written SMS messages to the parents' mobile phones.

SiRP – What is it?

SIRP sms is intended for associations and structures linked to flight schools or airports, airstrips. It intends to pass on quick information to pilots, aeroclub members and flight school students via SMS.

SEMP – What is it?

SEMP sms is a Personalized Message Business System. It is intended for all companies that want to have an active component of Direct Marketing at a very low cost.


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