Case Study - Apolónia Supermercados

ideias // blog // 14 OCT 2022 // Case Study - Apolónia Supermercados

Our agency was chosen to create a web platform for recruitment for Apolónia Supermercados for the dissemination of all job offers, as well as the possibility of interested parties being able to apply for them.

What did we do?

- Planning and Development of intuitive and fast web platform; - Graphic design, navigation environment development, front-end programming; - Creation of back-office management modules for content administration - back-end; - SEO optimization for search engines; - Optimization for dissemination on Social Media; - Optimization for ads to appear on Google job offers; - Development and Programming of Connection via API to several job offer platforms. In this way, Apolónia Supermercados manages, in a simple and direct way, to present its job offers to the target public and obtain the desired results.

How can we develop all these "tools" for dissemination and promotion?

Ideias Frescas # Web Design Studios has in its team specialized professionals in the field of Design, Programming and Marketing who, by working together, are able to present solutions that really work and deliver results.

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